Pitch Pine

Pitch Pine
  • generally straight grain, fine to moderately fine texture
  • light-brown to reddish-brown heartwood
  • white to yellowish sapwood
  • moderately durable heartwood
  • suitable for protected and unprotected (roof) constructions, interior and exterior joinery, furniture, coachwork, wagons and restoration work


Pitch pine (Pinus caribaea Mor.) belongs to the Pinaceae family and comes from Central America.

Pitch Pine


The heartwood is moderately durable (natural durability class III). The sapwood is not durable (natural durability class V).

Wood-working and drying

Pitch pine dries easily. The sapwood and adjacent heartwood can sometimes turn blue, however. Pre-drilling is advised. The resin can stick to saws and chisels.


Degrease the resin-rich parts before finishing the wood. Pitch pine for protected roof structures requires treatment in accordance with procedure A2.1.  If the wood is unprotected, then treatment in accordance with procedure A3 is recommended. For exterior joinery, treatment in accordance with procedure C1, followed by C2, CTOP or a finishing paint is required.

  • protected and unprotected supporting structures
  • exterior joinery
  • joinery
  • furniture
  • coachwork
  • wagons
  • restoration work
Professional information

Average Density*

700 kg/m³

Radial shrinkage

60 to 30% r.a.h.**



90 to 60% r.a.h.**


Tangential shrinkage

60 to 30% r.a.h..**



90 to 60% r.a.h.**



60 to 30% r.a.h.**



90 to 60% r.a.h.**


Modulus of the elasticity

13.000 N/mm²

* at a wood moisture content of 15 per cent / ** relative atmospheric humidity / *** values for sapwood

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