Southern Yellow Pine

  • Light yellowish-brown heartwood and whitish-yellow sapwood
  • SAPS quality guarantees nice, even whitish-yellow wood with, without defects or knots
  • The PRIME label is the slightly lower quality class with a less uniform colour and a minimal number of knots and defects
  • Interior application such as staircases, floors and furniture


Southern Yellow Pine (Pinus spp.) is the collective name for the following botanical species from the states of Louisiana and Mississippi, in the southwest of the United States:

  • Pinus palustris Mill.
  • Pinus rigida Mill.
  • Pinus elliotii Engelman. (longleaf or Pitch pines)
  • Pinus taeda L. (loblolly pine)
  • Pinus echinata Mill. (shortleaf pines)

Southern Yellow Pine comes from vast production woods. The plantations are both economically and ecologically important. During the first few years of life, the forest service actively combats the growth of broad-leaved trees, to prevent the growth of the planted pines being slowed down. 

Southern pine


The Southern Yellow Pine grows to an average height of 30 metres. The branch-free trunk has a length of 10 to 18 metres and a diameter of 40 to 80 cm.

Colour and figures

The heartwood is light yellowish-brown and has a strong resin or turpentine scent. The sapwood is whitish-yellow and wide. 
The wood of the Southern Yellow Pine changes abruptly from early wood to late wood. That can easily be seen from the clear, sharply defined growth rings. The late wood is also darker than the early wood. 
The wood has a fine to moderate texture and a straight grain. Quarter-sawn, it exhibits a vertical grain.

Drying and Moisture Content

On import, the moisture content of Southern Yellow Pine fluctuates around 17%.


Southern Yellow Pine is easy to work, both mechanically and manually. Turning presents no problems, either.
Resin can sometimes stick to the tools when working green or insufficiently dried wood. Clean tools promptly.


Gluing is also easy. Nevertheless, it is advisable to glue the lumber directly after working, to prevent resin excretion.


Finishing Southern Yellow Pine poses no problems. First degrease the resin-rich parts with thinner, though.


There are no problems with nailing or screwing.

  • Various joinery including furniture, staircases and floors
  • Mouldings and doors, windows and roll-down blinds
  • Racks
Professional information

Southern Yellow Pine


Average density*

540 kg/m³

Radial shrinkage

60 to 30% r.a.h.**



90 to 60% r.a.h.**


Tangential shrinkage

60 to 30% r.a.h.**



90 to 60% r.a.h.**



60 to 30% r.a.h.**



90 to 60% r.a.h.**


Flexural strength

105 N/mm²

Modulus of the elasticity

12.000 N/mm²

Compressive strength (parallel with the fibres)

60 N/mm²

Shear strength

11,1 N/mm²

Hardness – Radial

4400 N

Hardness - Surface

4200 N

* at wood moisture content of 15 per cent / ** relative atmospheric humidity


Commercial information

26 mm

40 mm

52 mm

65 mm

Standard width

105/155/205/255/305 mm

155/205/255/305 mm


245 to 610 cm

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